Macaroni Salad That Is Better Than Your Mom’s!

This salad will make you the potluck superstar!

Recently, one of my favorite co-workers was retiring after 40 years on the job. She was the person that trained me when I started, and she became one of my best friends during the time that we worked together. Anyone that puts four decades of their life into one job, deserves some recognition. I suggested to some of the other staff that we hold a party for her on her last day at the building.

Of course, everyone was on board with the idea. Nobody wanted her sneaking off without saying proper goodbyes. We have a pretty large break room, so it was thought of that maybe we should do a lunch.

We all sent around a secret sign-up sheet and volunteered to bring our best dishes. I decided that macaroni salad was going to be mine. I didn’t really have an all-star recipe, until I came upon this one from All Recipes.

I whipped it together the night before and walked proudly in with my dish to pass. It was a huge hit among all of my co-workers, and the party was a big success.

Recipe and photo courtesy of All Recipes.


Quick Tip: Rotini noodles are nice in place of elbows.


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Looks like a great recipe. . . and recently I found another. Mine is for a combination macaroni/potato salad. It’s called Hawaiian potato salad and it always has elbows in it, plus scallions, celery, mayo, vinegar, 1 tiny chopped up tomato, and a cup of frozen tiny peas. It’s another one people ask for all the time. And one that people who don’t usually care for potato salad. . . love.

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