A Little Taste Of Home Country Chicken Stew

During college and my first years living out on my own, I ate a lot of processed and fast food meals. At first, it was fun and different to go out to eat all the time. Growing up in a small town, we didn’t have that option. There was one restaurant available, and we couldn’t necessarily always afford to go out to eat either. My mom was an excellent cook though, so we didn’t really notice that we were missing out on anything. As I spent more and more time away from home, I missed those homemade meals tremendously.

One of the dishes that my mom used to make was just like this recipe from Food.com. It was so flavorful and the chicken was so tender and juicy. When I finally got to go home, I asked her to make this again for me.

I couldn’t stop eating it. I was sure to have her write down the recipe for me before I went back to my big city adult life at the end of my trip! I made it within the next week at home and it was just as good. It made me miss home a little bit less…and it saved me from ordering takeout!

Recipe and photo courtesy of Food.com


Quick Tip: Use whatever herb combination you have available.


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