Lifesaving Homemade Mac And Cheese Done In 15 Minutes!

I was at that point where if  I heard my kids say they wanted macaroni and cheese for dinner one more time I thought I was going to lose it. I had overdone and outplayed just about every box brand their was. Not that I even ate it anymore, but I wanted something different for my little ones. You simply can’t eat mac and cheese every day of your life. I decided to try and find some different homemade varieties and stumbled across this little gem on Recipe Lion.

Of course, as a busy mom, I don’t have a ton of time always to prepare a four course meal. It just so happened that the day came where we were running behind on schedule and the request was put in once again for the despised pasta dish.

I remembered that I had this written down and pulled it out. It was done amazingly fast it the kids scarfed it right down, which isn’t always the case when we try something new at my house. I will be filing this away in a safe please because I’m sure we will be needing it again and again.

Recipe is courtesy of Recipe Lion. Photo credits to Serious Eats.



Quick Tip: Pull the pan off the stove when adding the cheese so that it doesn’t separate.


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