Have The Ladies Over For Lunch And Make These BLT Wraps

There is a group of women that I hang out with that are all retired. Our husbands are too, and they like to go play golf together once or twice a week. We figure, if they are going out to do something, we should be able to as well. That’s when we started our weekly lunch dates. When it first began, we would meet up at the clubhouse where are husbands were, but often they would make us leave when they were ready, and sometimes we didn’t want to go yet. So, we decided to switch our get togethers to each other’s houses.

Everyone of us would host the lunch once a month. Whomever was hosting, was in charge of the meal. Not only could we enjoy our private girl time, we also saved a little cash that way because we weren’t buying restaurant food. The last time we went over to Penny’s house, she made these fantastic BLT wraps.

We almost didn’t speak through the eating portion of the lunch, they were that good. She said she found the recipe on Group Recipes and gave each one of us a copy. Our lunch was slightly extended that day because we had to catch up on all the chatter we missed out while we were stuffing our faces!

Recipe courtesy of Group Recipes. Photo credits to Pocketful of Motherhood.


Quick Tip: Try with provolone or Swiss cheese.


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