Do You Know How To Make The Juiciest Chicken Thighs Ever Known To Man?

You Only Need 6 Ingredients!

I have to say, I’m going to be happy when the summer is over. I know I shouldn’t say that… I mean, I do love this season and everything that comes with it, but sometimes preparing all those BBQ’s gets a little overwhelming.

I know it is all about spending time with your loved ones, and not worrying about whether your recipe choices are fancy enough for the occasion. I don’t think anyone would complain even if I just served mac and cheese! But still, when everyone in the family gather together I want to make something really special – yet, I’m happy to go back to the everyday routines again.

However, this recipe is one that I would happily serve for any special occasion, even though it’s basically a regular weeknight meal. I have never had chicken thighs as juicy and flavorful as these, and my whole family feels the same way!

Want to know the secret? It’s a slow cooker recipe! But that’s not all – I think it’s the sauce you pour in, that makes all the difference.


Quick Tip: Serve over rice or noodles.


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Must try this recipe after the holidays. Sounds so good. Love cooking with chicken thighs. Will use organic thighs with bone in from Wholefoods – they need very little trimming of fat – basically ready to cook. Organic highs from Costco are so full of fat; it takes lots of time to trim fat. I also use bone in thighs for making chicken soup. Our two Royal Shih Tzu Fluffballs love the meat & we enjoy the chicken vegetable soup.

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