Janie’s Got A Waffle…And It’s Covered In One Very Delicious Ingredient That You Won’t Expect!

Jane is one of my favorite cousins. We grew up together playing with each other along with her sisters, which is why until now, we’re really close. You can even say that she’s my “best friend” among all of my numerous cousins which is why I am always glad if she can make it to reunions. Well, Jane rarely makes it to reunions. She works for a television station and it makes her have an irregular schedule.

Most especially after the elections, she is always out of town. I kind of missed her a lot, which is why during the last reunion, I was totally happy that she was able to come even if it’s just for the day.

Jane arrived in the evening. She looked really tired because she came straight from a coverage. She isn’t the reporter herself, but she is one of the editors. We had a bit of a nice talk with her before she finally succumbed to her tiredness and fell asleep on the sofa.

The next day, Jane wasn’t around anymore. She left us a note saying she had been called for another coverage. But she also left us breakfast as an apology. It was waffles with avocados on it. There were plates lined up on the kitchen counter. We loved them actually, despite them being quite unconventional. This recipe that I will share with you is quite similar to Jane’s waffles. I hope you will love it!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Just A Little Bite.


Quick Tip: Choose the freshest avocados.


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