Italian Meatballs Make Any Spaghetti Dish BETTER

My niece was having a baby last year, and we were hosting the baby shower as the four Aunts.

My sister and then her husband’s two Aunts. We got together and decided that instead of paying the high cost of catering, we would just make our own foods. Her guest list was only about 50 people so we figured between the four of us we could manage to make up a menu that was going to be satisfying to both the mom-to-be and those attending the event.

I said that I would make meatballs, and reached for my Grandma’s famous recipe. Hers was very similar to this one from the web. My sister said she would do potatoes, the other Aunts took care of the salads, and by the end of our organization meeting, we had a pretty good party planned.

The guests were all very happy with the food and kept thanking us for throwing our niece such a great baby shower. She got a lot of nice gifts and she was all prepared when her baby arrived just a few short weeks later. It was nice to know that we did something to help along the way.




Quick Tip: Try these slathered in homemade BBQ sauce… delish!


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Sounds like a great meatball recipe. I might add about 1/2 tsp. Fennel seed to the recipe. I absolutely hate black licorice but love Fennel seed in recipes. Go figure.

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