I Didn’t Know Chickens Had Pillows!

My boys were finishing up their football season a few months ago, and every year, at the end of the season, they host a big football banquet to celebrate their accomplishments. The dinner is usually held at the school cafeteria, and each family is assigned a dish to bring with them. We thankfully got dessert this year, because I didn’t have the time to prepare a main dish. When we went through the line, we came across this pan of things that looked like giant chicken nuggets. Every one of us put one on our plates, because, what the heck, try anything once.

As we were sitting together mowing down, my youngest took a bite of his and said, “Wow! This is really good!” So of course, we all had to try it. He was right! It was amazing. We all gobbled ours up first after taking that initial bite. My kids told me I had to figure out what those were so I could make them at home.

I chased down the mother of one of the boys and asked her very kindly to share her recipe. She said she found it on The Girl Who Ate Everything and that it was very easy to make. I made them at home that very next week for my crew.

They were extremely simple and most of the ingredients I already had at home. These are going to become a regular menu item at our house now for sure!

Recipe and photo courtesy of The Girl Who Ate Everything.


Quick Tip: Buy chicken gravy in the jar instead of making it. It’s quicker and tastes just as good.


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