Hustle And Bustle Chicken Taco Casserole: A Meal Meant For “One Of Those Days”

Do you ever just have one of those days where you just want to get dinner on the table and be done with it? I know that I’ve had plenty of busy and on the go days as a mom and by the time dinnertime comes around I’m fighting to keep my eyes open. The last thing I want to do is make a fancy meal. However, the brood must be fed. So, that’s where a simple casserole comes into play such as this crazy chicken taco bake. You see, it is so simple to make and it comes out tasting so great you about flip your lid. I’m not kidding guys, this casserole is dang delicious and it only takes a few ingredients and steps to make. Your family will be singing your praises. Enjoy!

Sometimes the most unexpected food combinations turn out to be the best! That’s definitely the case for Crazy Chicken Taco Casserole. This Mexican casserole recipe features one wacky ingredient: Doritos! The all-in-one casserole includes delicious taco flavoring, creamy chicken, and crunched up Doritos. This exciting ingredient combination is as enticing as it is delicious. Give this crazy casserole a try tonight, after all, it also happens to be super easy to throw together. – Recipe Lion

Recipe and photo courtesy of Recipe Lion and Craving Some Creativity.




Quick Tip: I’ve made this casserole with leftover shredded turkey meat before and it was AWESOME.


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