Hungry-Family Hamburger Hash Brown Casserole With A Dusting Of Cheese

My kids are very picky with food and I get so worried and stressed when they don’t eat their food. Cooking the food that would make them finish their meal is one of my goals. It is a challenge to me as well especially when they end up not touching their food at all. So, I found this amazing recipe and I just tried cooking a cheese and hash brown hamburger casserole. I was hesitant in the beginning because I was not sure if I would be able to cook it perfectly but then I just followed the instruction and surprisingly it was easier than I expected.

When I prepared it, my children loved it. I was really happy that it suited their taste buds. After that, I started to add this to my weekly menu. At times I cook them especially when my kid requests and craves for it.

It is really good to cook during lunch so that they would feel energized throughout the day. I like to eat it as well and I really like it. I also cook the same meal to my family and friends and they enjoy it a lot. If you want to cook a delicious and easy meal to prepare then this would be the best dish for you.

Photo courtesy of Carries Sweet Life. Recipe courtesy of The Taylor House.



Quick Tip: You could easily had green beans, corn or other veggies to this dish to give it even more flavor.


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