Hot And Hearty Pigs In A Blanket Yummies

I have three of what I believe to be the pickiest eaters on the planet living under my roof.

I can barely get them to eat anything unless it comes out of a freezer box…mainly pancakes and waffles…and once in a while a frozen pizza. We were having company over for the first time in what seemed like an eternity. They weren’t just coming to visit, they were coming to eat. I wanted to be able to show off my kids, and how well-behaved they are, because they are, but when they don’t eat anything, it can give a person the wrong opinion.

That’s when I found this recipe on Facebook for hot dog puffs. I thought, Perfect! Now, my kids hardly ever eat hot dogs, but the fact that they were surrounded by a pastry, I knew we had a good chance.

As we all sat down to eat our main entree, I offered my littles a couple of these on their plates instead of what we were eating. They all sat and ate just like proper little people. I was so proud! And so happy that I finally found something else that they like.

I tried them too and they are pretty good actually…something I will serve again and again.




Quick Tip: Use classic cocktail wieners instead of the chili cheese flavor.


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