Hot Fudge Sundae Dump Cake recipe! {11 Ingredients}

Weekends are my favorite days of the week. Actually, it starts on Friday night and ends on Sunday night. It’s my only time to relax, call my family, catch up with my friends, and spend the day with my boyfriend (that’s it if he has a free weekend). Whether I’m spending it alone or with a company,

I just want to relax and not think of anything most especially work. Let’s face it. Even though you love your work, there are just times when it’s really testing your patience and you just want to forget about it for a while.

Whenever work is stressing me out and I have no one to vent my frustrations into, I find myself craving for a lot of my comfort food. Most of the time, it’s sweets or pasta. One dessert that never fails to make me feel better is a huge serving of sundae.

I love my sundae with three scoops of ice cream, lots of nuts, a chocolate chip cookie or chunks of fudge brownies, a huge drizzle of that hot fudge, and a huge dollop of cream. I put a couple of cherries on top too. This recipe over at Rada Cutlery transforms this favorite dessert into cake form. And it’s good! I serve it with sugarless black coffee. Bitter and sweet are really the perfect partners for such a mood and for such a dessert.

Thanks again to Rada Cutlery and YouTube for this amazing recipe.




Quick Tip: Serve with a tall glass of ice cold lemonade or with a hot cup of tea.


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