Homemade Pineapple-Mango Sorbet – Churnin’ Up Some Serious Snackage!

Summer Sun, All Year Long! You Only Need 4 Ingredients For This Sweet Treat!

You know that story about the Secret Garden? This is not about that story, but this was inspired by that story. My niece was left to my care again just a couple fo nights ago. Andy has a family emergency and my brother went with her. My niece who has classes the next day couldn’t miss the class so I had to bring her there the next morning.

She was sad the whole afternoon and didn’t want to do her homework, which was the reason why I had to tell her the story about the Secret Garden and how the little boy persevered so he can walk.

I wanted to tell her a story that would make her realize how important perseverance was in life. I mean it’s not just patience. We couldn’t just wait for everything to come to us. We need to go after these things ourselves so we can make our dreams come true. Fortunately, my niece listened to me. She was quite an endearing young girl. It’s just that there were times when she’s stubborn.

After the story, she started to do her homework while I went to finish mine too. Afterward, to reward her, I made her this homemade pineapple mango sorbet that she instantly fell in love with. The boyfriend brought home the freshest mangoes last week. I am sharing with you the recipe in the next page. Flip over!


Quick Tip: Make sure you use ripe pineapple and mangos.


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