Holy Guacamole! You Have To Try Auntie Susan’s Homemade Cannoli!

You might ask—who is Susan? Susan is one of my friends who has an Italian Dad and an American mom. We often tease her that she must be the luckiest person alive because she gets the best of “both food worlds”. Her dad is a great cook! He cooks for us every time Susan invites us to their family home. Usually, he is the one in-charge of the kitchen that day.

Her Mom will always say we’re so used to the American diet it will be good for us to experience other cuisine. And we, Susan’s friends, love it every time we get an invitation. That’s instant taste of Europe right there!

When Susan visited me during fall, she stayed with me for a week. To compensate for her stay, she begged me to agree that she would be the one to cook for me and my boyfriend. Afraid that she would really leave and check in at a hotel if I didn’t say yes, I agreed.

I’m actually glad I did. Because I got to taste her famous homemade cannoli! It was the first time I actually tasted this dessert.

It was so delicious I begged her to stay with us forever. Unfortunately, it couldn’t happen; but at least she shared her cannoli recipe with me. Cannoli recipe is equal to happy tummy!


Photo courtesy of Food Network. Recipe courtesy of Alexandra Guarnaschelli via Food Network.




Quick Tip: If the ricotta has an excess of liquid, drain it over a strainer for at least a half an hour before making the filling.


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