Holiday Guests Will FREAK OUT When They See This Snickers Candy Bar Dip!

This is one dip that won’t annoy you.

We had finally gotten our money together and bought the fifth-wheel camper that we had been looking at for over a year. I was so excited. We loved camping, but without this camper, it wasn’t always the most relaxing time. We were still tenting it. That was fun, and it reminded me of our younger days. The problem was it wasn’t so easy with three kids. We had to set up a couple of tents just to have room for everyone, and then all of our stuff didn’t easily store. There was tons of smooshing and packing in to the tightest little spots so that we could bring everything. It was really kind of a pain.

I didn’t want the fun of camping to be lost forever, so I talked my husband into the purchase. He loved it just as much as I did. We could hardly wait to get out into the great outdoors again. The new camper had a nice fridge in it, which made for a great place to make different foods. It was way better than trying to keep everything in coolers!

I actually had never made it before, but there weren’t many ingredients needed so it didn’t take up much space. The whole family really loved it. I think it’s going to become a new camping tradition!

Recipe and courtesy of The Cooking Mom.




Quick Tip: Shave some chocolate over top to make this super duper fancy looking!


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