Heavenly French Velvet Pie – A Love Story In Dessert Form

My husband and I used to watch a lot of movies while we were still dating.

He was the one who changed my views about watching movies. I was a bookworm (still am); and I preferred spending my Friday night curled up in my bed while reading a new novel. My husband-then-boyfriend managed to convince me that watching movies could be as interesting and educational. Since then, we had weekly Friday movie marathons, which we carried on until now.

One of my most favorite classic films was Titanic. It’s not just a love story; it has a lot of societal issues that are relevant. One of this is the issue of social classes, which the movie proved not important when it came to real life events.

It didn’t matter whether you’re an upper class or a lower class when the Titanic began to sink, everyone was on equal footing. Everyone was in danger. Everyone had the chance to survive.

Sorry, I got carried away for a bit there. All I ever wanted to talk about was Leonardo di Caprio’s line: “Draw me like I am one of your French girls.” Because it reminds me of this dessert recipe that I am about to share with you.

French silk pie at your service! It’s one of the most decadent pies that ever existed. And if you’re a fan, you should try this amazing recipe for you and your family!

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Cookie Rookie.




Quick Tip: Add more whipped cream on top, if you like it creamier.


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