Happenin’ Holiday Leftovers Sliders – Perfect For Game Day

You know, I was just in my kitchen looking in my fridge and I am overwhelmed by the heaping pile of leftovers that are in there from Thanksgiving dinner. We’ve got everything from turkey to pumpkin pie. I hate to waste food but it’s already 2 days past Thanksgiving and this stuff needs to get eaten or pitched. So, the following recipe was a godsend!

Check out what my pals over at Beryl’s Kitchen had to say about this:

Thanksgiving is definitely a cooking holiday. So give yourself a break and use all those delicious dishes to create gameday sliders the whole can enjoy!

Oh trust me, Berly’s Kitchen, we will! Thank you for this awesome recipe!



Dinner rolls
Thanksgiving leftovers turkey, ham, stuffing, dressing, gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, etc.
Any other Thanksgiving leftover of your choice


Option 1
Reheat leftovers separately and assemble sliders.
Add cranberry sauce cold or room temperature. It does not need to be heated. (We used our Orange Cranberry Sauce and strained out the large pieces.)
Option 2
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Place the bottom of the dinner rolls in a baking dish and top with leftovers.
Put the sliders into a preheated oven just until ingredients are hot (about 10 minutes)
Add the top of the dinner rolls and place back in the oven for additional 2-3 minutes.
Add cranberry sauce last since it does not need to be heated.
Recipe Notes





Quick Tip: These sliders are perfect for football parties.

Thank you Beryl’s Kitchen for this awesome recipe!


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