Grandma Would Be Proud Of This Recipe!

Sink your teeth into this and you’ll know what heaven feels like.

This is the story about the sour cream coffee cake that made me say yes. And no, this is not about a proposal. This is not even about anything romantic at all. It’s about me agreeing to dress up as a princess for a costume party. Oh my goodness… I still cringe whenever I remember that party all those years ago!

It was during my niece’s 2nd birthday so she was still too young to remember how ridiculous I looked. My sister-in-law and my brother decided for a Disney-themed party for their little princess; their little bundle of joy. And I didn’t really care about that.

I mean, everyone in my family knows I’m not really the pink, fluffy dress type of lady. My ever villainous brother, who was always trying to annoy his little sister, specifically told me that all family members should dress as royalties. Of course I protested.

I didn’t want to! But in the end, he knew my weakness. He had his wife bake this scrumptious sour cream coffee cake and delivered it straight to my house with my niece holding the invitation.

How could I say no to that pretty little face? And how could I say no to that delicious-smelling cake? In the end I wore a gown. And yes, it was pink.


Quick Tip: Use low-fat ingredients, if preferred.



Am I missing something? There are no real instructions about assembling the cake ingredients. Do all of the ingredients get tossed into one bowl to be mixed or are some of the ingredients for a topping before baking? If so, which ones? The picture shows a glaze drizzled over the finished cake. Where are those ingredients?

Thanks for pointing out a blunder in the editing process, Mary! The instructions have been fixed now. 🙂 The glaze is totally optional and therefore not included in the recipe. You can use any sugar glaze you prefer, but the cake is absolutely delicious even without it!

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