Grandad’s Favorite Goulash

My Grandad was a hard worker. He was that guy that worked a regular job at least forty hours a week, and then came home and worked some more. He had a paying job, and he was successful at it. But, they also had a lot going on at home. He always stayed busy working the small farm that they ran as soon as he punched out of his regular job. Then, when he wasn’t doing that, you could find him tinkering around in the garage on a car or working on building a piece of furniture.

There really wasn’t much that guy couldn’t do. I always followed him around when we were at his house just to see what he was up to. Grandma’s favorite thing to do was to feed him. She was so proud of him and grateful for his supporting of the household, she always made his favorite dishes.

One that I remember was just like this goulash from The Wanderlust Kitchen. I swear they had it about three times a week. I didn’t mind though, it was so tasty I looked forward to having dinner at their house.

Grandad always cleared his plate and swiped it clean with a piece of homemade bread…then back out to work he went!

Recipe courtesy of The Wanderlust Kitchen. Photo credits to My Sweet Mission.


Quick Tip: Toss in a few drops of hot sauce for an added kick.


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