Good Friends, Good Times, Good Custard-Style Bread Pudding

The first type of pudding that I ever tasted was bread pudding.

When I was still a kid, my aunts would usually make it whenever we’re together for a Sunday meal. They would call for us little girls to help them tear the breads into smaller pieces while they prepare the things that we would use for them. They didn’t use any type of deep dish. Instead, they used these little aluminum bowls and there’s where we put the still uncooked mixture of eggs, bread, sugar, and milk. We would then steam it in a dim sum steamer (those wooden thingies) and wait for them to finally become another type of bread. While waiting, my aunts, my mom, and us girls would talk about a lot of things.

Mostly, they talked about how grandma taught them all the things they knew including their behavior and their philosophies in life. They would also tell us stories about how they were as girls. My goodness, they’re quite the rebels!

They would also tell us how they met my uncles (I begged mom not to tell the story of her and dad). We, the girls would cringe and laugh depending on the story. Finally, when the puddings were already cooked, we would take them out, allow them to cool a bit, and we would serve them with cups of tea to the others in the living room.




Quick Tip: You can put more raisins if you want.


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