Get Your Own Taste Of Italy In This Zesty Crescent Casserole

Bet You’ve Never Tried A Casserole Like This Before!

Pizza and pasta are two of the most common meals that are seen in my house. What can I say, we love Italian foods. When I came across this dish on Recipe Lion, I knew it was going to be another one to add to our regular menu rotation. The ingredients list was simple and so were the instructions.

The next time I had a craving for Italian, I got this recipe card out and went to town. It went together really easily and cooked up super fast. I saw a few eyebrows raise at the table when I set this dish down, but after it was served out and sampled, there weren’t any issues.

Everyone really liked it. My husband told me that we found a winner and asked if I could make it again. With how simple it was, I definitely don’t have any problem do that for him any time! Even my little kids that don’t like anything devoured this dish.

Recipe courtesy of Recipe Lion. Photo credits go to Heather Bug Bakes.


Quick Tip: Try it with sausage instead of ground beef.



Ragu sauce and sour cream? Not any Italian food my Nonna or Mamma would have made, nor anything they would have taught me to make…

Sure would be nice if everyone just left their negative remarks about recipes off of here. I think this recipe looks amazing, but, if you prefer to leave the sour cream out, , do so, but, none of us care to read what your Mom and grandmother would or would not have done…..each Italian family has different traditions!

This is the first time I have read anything like this and it will be the last. Dianne I am so sorry you got all those whining responses. This group seems to
Have a lot mean people. Shame on each of you. Someone took the time to try and share something nice with a bunch of nagging whimpers

I agree. My mom used to say, “If you can’t say something nice, then just don’t say anything at all!” It’s nice to hear about alterations of a recipe cause it might be something others would like. Whining about a recipe not having a name? Pick a name yourself. It’s not hard. Etc.etc.etc. Anyway…the recipe sounds good to me.

Your Mom may have “repeated” that, but I believe it was Bambi’s Mom that first said it. LOL. Sorry – not meaning to be critical or negative – just trying to be funny. We are trying this recipe today as part of our celebrations leading up to Christmas.

It’s excrutiating! But most happy-with-themselves simply consider
the source, ignore those negative comments, move on and try the recipe as is. Once you do that and post a pic of your dish, then you have the privilege of commenting on how you liked it as is and how you might modify it next time to your liking. The other option is shut up if you have nothing good to say. Momma might have forgotten to teach this common courtesy.

Seriously! Make positive comments. There is enough negativity in the world. If you have suggestions make them nicely. No one is making you read or cook the recipe.Thanks Jessica for posting the recipe. It sounds good.

it takes a little gut to post any kind of recipe because one knows there are always people who will insert some negative pointers…gggeeezzz

I agree with you either use it like is or change it if you like , but stop putting down the recipes. I love read n seeing all the recipe people post .

I think the idea was a recipe made for today’s lifestyle. I think your ancestors probably spent most of their day in their kitchen. Just use it or don’t. I don’t usually comment on this sort of thing but it just gets totally obnoxious.

Agreeded no negative remarks. This wonderful recipe can be tweeked to add one’s own special ideas. A recipe is a guide to something delicious. Thank -you for sharing this. It’s a quick meal and inexpensive.

Agreed ! If you don’t like the ingredients don’t make it. Or leave it out. Comments should be from people that made it and the success or failure. Jeez ppl.

I agree! If you don’t like the recipe, don’t use it. There is no need to be negative just because it is different than what you are accustomed to. Different can be delicious! Thank you for sharing your recipe.

You don’t like the recipe. That’s fine. Just read through, click off and let the rest us enjoy. It could be identified as Martian and it would still sound delicious to me.

Duh! This was Jessica Daidley’s recipe, not your mamas! Read and scroll. No need for scarcasm Victoria Kammerer!

I’m a Full Blooded Italian, but have an open mind about food. I’m not too proud to try recipes that are not considered “authentic.” There are some fairly good jar spaghetti sauces that when in a hurry, I can add some spices. Loosen up.

There are Italian dishes that call for sour cream Just because your grandmother nor mother didn’t teach you any doesn’t mean there aren’t none . Why don’t you stick to using the same old recipes that they taught you to make and not coming online looking at new ones to make and criticizing the person who posts them . us people who are actually looking to try new recipes for our families want to read comments from people who have taken the time to actually make the dish . NOT comments from hatin’ unhappy pompous people like you .

Have a blessed night !!

Mist lijely. Thanks for thinking of that. It depends on the variety of sauce. Most brands have with and without garlic.

This is what’s fun about cooking! You see a recipe you like but don’t have some of the ingredients, so you substitute what you do have. Thanks for this simple and quick recipe!!

You are a wonderful homemaker. A true inspiration to all us slobs who run out of time trying to work, raise children, keep the house in order and our husbands happy. We admire you, but will probably continue to buy the canned stuff ~ which almost certainly contains everything you put in yours. ?

Do whatever you want, use your own sauce, use different cheeses, add garlic its a recipe for heavens sake .Just quit being so superior with your comments.

Jeeze!!! Just say thank you for the recipe! You don’t like it, move on to the next one. Boy, some people feel the need to complain about the smallest things.
It’s better to be happy than it is to be right!

Thanks for the recipe!!! I’ll sure make it, as is. And then I may or may not alter it to sit my taste, but I love having a simple recipe and it sounds good. Teaching my young granddaughter to cook and this will be a great starter recipe for her.

Again, my sincere thanks.

Thank you for this wonderful, quick, and easy recipe. I hope to try it as soon as I have the ingredients stocked in.

Geez people your Nonna and momma should have taught you if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Recipes are meant to be personalized and enjoyed. I usually enjoy reading all the suggestions and variations but you people are just rude!

Gosh. The quickness is the key to this! If you are one of the lucky ones never in a rush you do not need this anyway! Hardworking mothers and dads enjoy!!!!

Make the recipe as is….THAN adjust to your taste…..sounds delicious!! A ? though…Is there a bottom looked like it in the pic, but didn’t say so?? If you do something different…post as a new recipe!!

We are always looking for something quick and tasty. This looks like it will work for us. Thanks for sharing.

I can’t believe all the negative remarks. If I don’t care for a recipe I just keep it to myself and if I can’t adjust it to suit me and my family, I will simply find one that I can. Grow up people and give a gal a break.!! It pleased her family!!

Recipes are not necessarily made as printed… if you watch cook shows, the chefs always recommend that you use their recipe as a basis but to do your own thing. If it doesn’t appeal to you..don’t make it and move on without commenting.

fs alwsys

It was nice to see another Dianne not many spelled that way. Thank you for this use of crescent rolls in a recipe. Always appreciate some simple it sounds delicious.

Being really OLD SCHOOL Italian, I can’t wait to try something new…….and there are so many variations. Thanks Jessica!!!!

I was taught, take a recipe, other than baking, and make it your own!! So thank you for a recipe with lots of variations to suit ones taste!!

I always consider recipes to be suggestions. For example, I don’t eat onions. When I find a recipe that sounds good, but has onions in it, I just don’t use the onions! For goodness sake, make changes or don’t, but appreciate the suggestions!

Looks like a nice recipe. I’ll have to try it. I always like to “make it my own” by adding additional ingredients, as we all do. But why the nasty comments? Some of you need to get a life.
If you want to add homemade sauce, do it. Some people don’t have time and using jarred sauce is a quick and easy method. Jeez!!

The most useful recipes are often the simplest. They are like outlines for a speech; you can use them to keep on track while you speak extemporaneously. Or, if you haven’t that gift, you can fill in every thought and simply read the the entire presentation ~ think presidents and teleprompters. ? This is a great little recipe, quick, easy, economical, delicious. It can also tolerate having its details changed to suit the diners. Can almost smell it baking in my oven. Thanks for a good one!

I like recipes with 5-10 ingregients and especially those which have ingredients have in the refrigerator or pantry. Recipes which call for spices you have to purchase to be used one time do not get put in my list to make This fits both of my likes and no special ingredients or trip to store. I can figure out how to substitute or add ingredients if needed ? Thank you for the recipe.

Ladies, Ladies, how many of you want some cheese with that whine? Whining is not very attractive if you are older than ten.

I like the fact that it is simple and tasty. Great for when you need to get a meal on the table for hungry kids and hubby after work. Or anytime for that matter. Thanks for sharing.

This recipe was delish! Although, the 2nd time I put a layer of rolls in the bottom of the pan and baked them first, and then the rest of the pie. It was much easier to serve this way. Cut just like a pie. Thanks so much for the recipe. It’s in my favorites.

I just made this dish but apparently I also made several mistakes. First, I must not have drained the beef well enough because there was a lot of liquid when I scooped out the first serving; or either Rage pasta sauce is different from the Ragu traditional sauce that I use for spaghetti. Second, I think maybe my 9 inch pan was not deep enough. Third, I did not pay attention regarding how to properly apply the crescent rolls which I just opened and stretched across the pan so I ended up with huge bumps around the side of the pan. Fourth, maybe shredded parmesan is different from grated parmesan which was called for in the recipe. But the end result based on taste…… magnifico!

A thought, thicken your Ragu with about a tbsp. Of tomato paste. Drain your ground beef. You also might take a rolling pin to the crescent dough to seal the holes a little and crimp the edges with a fork. Love the shredded parm. Do you do an egg wash on the top? Might help with the bumps. I can’t wait to try this!

This sounds delish and to hell with you negative jerks, who feel the need to tear this down.. bunch of broomstick riders.?

I have been a foodie, as was my Mom and Grandmother, since I was 7 yrs old and cooking dinner. I love finding new recipes esp. those created by home cooks. We all add and subtract ingredients and continue to share. I am a member of 4 cooking groups. I frequent them less often now. Other than the trend of political sniping that we see each day almost hour by hour, a general nasty negativity is spreading like a plague. On here, the creator of the recipe does not deserve this petty backbiting. Those happy foodies in us don’t need or desire to spend leisure time with blood pressure rising and negative ions flying in the air. We, each of us, , by monitoring our own normal negative moments can keep situations from happening. Something I learned in kindergarten was “If you can’t say something nice say nothing at all”. Jessica, thanks for a recipe. Can’t wait to try it.

This recipe is like a great airframe-the basic concept will support all kinds of variations. This will be dinner tonight, with some of my own touches. I love the idea. Thank you ! (And don’t let the whiners get you down ! It’s tough down there in their mother’s basement having nothing to do but complain ! 😉 )

Could I put the crescent roll’s on the bottom ? Make it more like an Italian pot pie? Gee this gave me some idea’s. Sausage, pepperoni and ricotta instead of sour cream. Thank’s for the recipe ! I need to change thing’s up . My meal’s have been a little boring lately.

I had some left over spaghetti sauce and went looking for a recipe. This recipe worked great. I put my meat sauce on the bottom and followed the rest of the recipe (except for hamburger and ragu). Everyone just loved it. Thanks so much for the recipe. It will be my go to for leftover sauce.

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