Get Your Chocolate And Coffee Fix Best Served In This Cappuccino Cake!

I find cakes in a jar really creative. The first time I encountered it was when one of our friends brought us to this café that’s sandwiched between a comic store and a hardware. They served really good lemon iced tea and the yummiest cinnamon buns. But the buns weren’t what we came there for. They had this selection of cakes in a jar, but with with a very limited list.

There was red velvet, mango graham cake, blueberry cheesecake, and strawberry cake. They came inside these little mason jars that had their own weirdly shaped dessert spoons. They really looked nice when lined up together because of the different colors of the cakes which could be seen through the transparent jars.

They also tasted really good. The cakes were a little cold, which was how I preferred them. I haven’t come back to that dessert place, but my friend says they already have a wider selection of cakes.

A few of my friends are into it too. They find it really convenient most especially for parties. The jars are handy, and when you place them at a table, they look like really colorful, little vases.

This recipe that I found over at lovinghomemade shares another cake in a jar recipe—pound cakes! You really have to try this one.

Photo and recipe courtesy of lovinghomemade.




Quick Tip: Let your cakes cool and then wrap them really well and refrigerate overnight for easier icing the next day.



Hello, Rachel! There was and still is a link to your website and full credit at the end of the post – however, there had unfortunately been a blunder in the editing process and we had mentioned Jamie Oliver instead of lovinghomemade. Apologies for that! We’ve fixed it now. Your cake is not only stunning but also delicious! ?

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