Once You Get A Bite Of This, You Won’t Be Able To Put Your Fork Down!

I don’t WANT to put my fork down, that’s for sure!

The other day I was mulling over a few recipes that I was considering making for dinner, right? Everything looked absolutely tasty and amazing but the prep and cook time were nothing of the sort. I just didn’t feel like standing over a hot oven all day and chopping up a bunch of veggies and other ingredients. That’s when I spied my trusty slow cooker sitting on the shelf. The old girl has never let me down!

I love making simple and delicious meal in my crock pot as they don’t take any time to throw together in the slightest.  So, you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this amazing slow cooker cheesy chicken and rice casserole recipe over at Katie In Kansas.

Believe it or not, this recipe is incredibly easy to make and it almost mimics my mother’s chicken and rice casserole but without the hassle. Mom would always make her’s from scratch and bake it in the oven. This crock pot dish is amazing to take to church potlucks, family gatherings, and other social events as it feeds a crowd. Yay!

Photo and recipe courtesy of the Katie In Kansas.



Quick Tip: I like to serve this casserole with a steamed veggie such as carrots or sugar snap peas. Yummo!



If you chopped the onions nice and small, they would be invisible after cooking and your husband would never know.

I mince my onions using my food processor until they are puréed and that way I get their flavour but never their texture. If I wasn’t the one cooking with them, I’d never know they were in there. And I hate and refuse to ever eat onions!

I’m not a fan of corn in casseroles – I make very similar and use broccoli, california blend or carrots and we love it!!!

Lena, Google ‘yellow rice seasoning recipe’ and you can just use this for seasoning regular rice. I use this all the time when I make pork butt roast with black beans and yellow rice. It doesn’t have any of the bad stuff in it like packaged products.

the flavor will be totally different. Zatarans has a very specific spice blend. I suggest googling suppliers in your area Most Publics carry it

You are right, David. I was born and grew up in New Orleans, and Zatarain’s is made there – real Creole seasoning! You can probably order their products from their factory there.

Yellow rice has saffron in it, thus the yellow in yellow rice. The saffron flavor is very important for the recipe and you may find a brand that specifically says that it’s saffron rice.

I think this would be good with some other cheeses, too, like fontina or swiss, plus I’d definitely add garlic!

seriously, If you ,make this recipe, then at least the first ti,e make zero changes. Thw Rice mix used here will have a load of flavour

There is no flavor. I added salt and pepper of course, but the recipe didn’t even call for it. This recipe definitely needs something else. The chicken over took it. Definitely won’t make this again. This is a good recipe for people that are picky eaters. No flavor!!!

OMG! I’m eating this now, what do you mean there’s no flavor. It’s loaded with flavor. Did you use the Zatarain’s rice box mix? I also pureed the onion, which I think added more flavor. The chicken is so tender. Maybe you used too much chicken. I think it so delicious & easy. My boys are going to love it.

If you have someone that doesn’t like onions you can grate the onions with a hand held grater over the dish so all of the juice from onion goes into the dish. The grated onion is so small and cooks up so none knows it is there.

Can this be made gluten-free (Is Zatarain’s yellow rice mix GF?, Campbell’s cream of chicken definitely is.)

I think this is kind of a waist the only thing you are cooking in the crockpot is chicken breasts and onion. Unless I’m reading the recipe wrong. Whats the point?

The Cheesy Chicken and Rice casserole sounds easy and flavorful. I also grate onion for dishes like this. Releases all the flavor. Zataran’s yellow rice must be the ticket. Tho I agree less corn and I would choose a colorful veggie blend. Or even keep the corn, and serve veggies on the side. I just think fresh green peas or beans and carrots, cauliflower or broccoli finished a rich dish off nicely. Thanks!!!

I really use a lot of cream of chicken soup but I really believe when some one furnishes us with a recipe you make it like it’s given and then make adjustments on your own . I loved it as given. One thing is cooking in a slow cooker it’s done at a better texture and if to much heat then it’s going to taste different I took low . Thank you for sharing?

For better flavor with regular rice, try using cream of chicken, mushroom, and celery all three along with the sliced onion is delicious add salt and pepper to taste, you can also add crushed Ritz crackers on top for added texture you want regret it!!!

I love to use frozen mixed vegetables in my regular chicken and rice. I think it would be excellent in this, too!

Sounds very tasty. Especially for a winter night. We are pushing 100. I too use my small food grinder for celery for those that do not like it in my dressing during the holidays .

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