German Apple Puff Pancake – Sweet, Fruity, And Creamy

There was a time this year when I got really sick and had no one to take care of me.

My boyfriend was out of the country for his work and I didn’t want to bother any of my friends. The ones who lived near me have kids and I didn’t want them catching what I had because that would mean their kids would catch it too. It was a bad case of flu. I wasn’t able to get out of bed and I wanted nothing but to sleep. Mom was there to the rescue.

My brother visited me and found out I was sick. Since I sent him away because I didn’t want him catching my flu, he called my Mom. Mom was there the next day and she took care of me and my house at the same time.

I had a lot of unwashed dishes because I truly didn’t feel well enough to even wash them. Mom had cooked her famous chicken noodles to warm me up. One taste of that delicious soup and I could have sworn I have instantly gotten better.

Mom stayed for a few days and spoiled me, cooking the most delicious baked custard pancakes that I ate every chance I got. I swear Moms have superpowers. Even now that I’m old enough to be one, I still believe that.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Genius Kitchen.




Quick Tip: Prepare and measure all ingredients and place into small bowls so you can just grab the bowl and dump as you go. This saves on confusion and ensures that you have all ingredients necessary.


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