Fruity And Sweet This Blueberry Bosc Pear Pie Is Really Kinda Neat!

Whenever my mother comes to visit us, she stays for the weekend.

Those weekends are probably the best for the family when it comes to food. Nothing beats my Mom’s home-cooked meals; and I love it whenever my family experiences my childhood through her cooking. My husband is probably always the happiest- he is such a fan of Mom’s cooking. It’s not even about impressing her- he really does love everything she cooks. My Mom doesn’t play favorites when it comes to in-laws, but I am pretty sure he’s too fond of my husband’s commentaries about her food.

Last time she visited, my family enjoyed home cooked pasta spaghetti with the most amazing meatballs; homemade garlic bread; salad; and the most amazing blueberry pear pie. When she started making the pie, the house was filled with its amazing smell. The family hovered near the kitchen hallway just for that aroma.

Of course, the pie was as delicious as its smell. My Mom served it with homemade ice cream. The truth is, I didn’t even know she had time to make homemade ice cream until I remembered that she’s a Mom-Moms have superpowers.

We had such a hearty meal that night, and I can’t help but miss my parents more. I know I have my own family now, but there are still times I feel that way.




Quick Tip: You can serve this with ice cream if you like.


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