Feisty Enchiladas Slow-Cooked To Perfection

It was going to be one of those days, I just knew it. I looked at the calendar for the next day as I was relaxing in front of the television. One child had a doctor appointment after school, another had soccer practice, and my husband had a meeting after work so he wasn’t going to be able to help with any of the driving. Great, is all I could think. We could just get a pizza on our way home from town, for the third time this week.

I really didn’t want to feed that to my family again, and I’m sure they were sick of having it. I started to check for some easy recipes and I found this on Recipe Lion. After checking the fridge, I was elated to see I had all the ingredients I needed.

Instantly I started preparing everything I would need to get this done in the morning before heading out for the day. I went to sleep excited of the idea of walking into the house to the smell of a fresh cooked meal after a busy day. And low and behold, that’s exactly what happened.

It was so good and everyone in my family loved it. Clean up was super fast and it felt like I never missed a beat the whole day, going to bed right on schedule.

Recipe is courtesy of Recipe Lion. Photo credits to Cook Diary.



Quick Tip: Line your slow cooker with foil to make clean up a snap.


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