Feel The Embrace Of These Comforting Meatballs

Nothing reminds me more of Grandma’s house than meatballs. No matter when we went over there for family dinner, she always had a kettle of these little guys going. It was the place were everyone hovered before the main course was served. When I finally got her recipe, I realized it was a lot like this one from The Pioneer Woman. I went home and made it for my family, but instead of an appetizer, it was our main course. They are that good!

When I make them at home I always pair them up with mashed potatoes, because that’s what we like. Toss in a vegetable and maybe a dinner roll and you have a complete meal. They are so easy to make and they cook up in no time.

It’s one of the most requested meals at my house, and I never have any problems making my family happy. I watch them disappear each and every time I make them and that’s almost as satisfying as a plate full of them in front of me!

Recipe courtesy of The Pioneer Woman. Photo credits to Siggy Spice.


Quick Tip: Save time and use frozen meatballs.


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If you place these into a Crock Pot, how long do you cook them etc. Please give instructions for that as well.

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