Feed Many Mouths With This Mighty Western Omelette Bake

My friends and I often do road trips whenever we’re all free. That’s actually the main reasonthe feeling of freedom. We lived really stressful lives because we’re not adults. We couldn’t just abandon our responsibilities and have fun anymore. That’s not how this works. So whenever we have the time, we gather a change of clothes and have a road trip in the weekends. During our recent road trip, we didn’t know there was a storm coming.

The weather report said there was supposed to be rain, but we weren’t warned that the rain was actually a storm. The roads were slippery and our phones didn’t have signals. I managed to call Aunt Beth though and I knew that she would be expecting us. She lived a town away and we badly needed a place to stay.

She was ready with towels and a hot food the moment we arrived in their house. She and uncle hosted us for the night and I was truly grateful. The next day, before we left, she made us the most delicious baked omelets. I didn’t know omelets could taste that good! It was so good that one of my friends begged for her to adopt him just so he could eat it every day. Of course, his tiny scene just earned him eleven different slaps at the back of the head.


Photo and recipe courtesy of The Seasoned Mom.



Quick Tip: This supper can be lightened up even more by omitting some of the egg yolks and adding additional egg whites in their place.



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