Fast And Fun Pizza Muffins!

I don’t know how your family is, but at our house, we love pizza.

We have pizza all the time. We usually go to different restaurants, try out different frozen brands, and when there’s time, I will make a homemade pizza. My mom always had the best recipe. It was cheap and easy so it quickly became a favorite of mine when I had a family of my own. Sometimes, I don’t want to make a traditional pizza though.

Either there isn’t time, or we are just tired of having it for that week. But, if I can make a different form of pizza, it’s like having a whole new meal. That’s what happened with this Pizza Poppers recipe.

Everyone forgot they were tired of pizza! My husband and kids both gobbled these right up. I didn’t make enough the first time, so I actually had to go back to the kitchen to do a second batch.

Some of us liked it with the pizza sauce and we also used ranch dressing for a dip. They were so delicious! I like to put them in my son’s lunch when he gets bored of the standard PB & J. I never hear any complaints from him! Try them out for yourself and you will see what I’m talking about.




Quick Tip: Add your favorite pizza toppings like mushrooms or ham.


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