“Do Nothing” Cake Is My Desserty Hero

Have You Been Looking For a Delicious Cake You Can Whip Up In No Time? Your Search Is Over!

My friends knew me so well. They knew it has nothing to do with laziness. I might have my lazy days, but most of the time I am always too busy so I deserve my lazy days. Once in a while, I get calls from my friends. Some of them were about party or dinner invitations. They always beg me to go out because I rarely go out. I go with them when it comes to dinners at their houses, but to party at a bar or somewhere fancy that requires me to dress up? Nope. No. Some of the calls I receive though are mostly about recipes.

Whenever they found a recipe that’s easy to make, they always call me while at the same time they send the email to me. This one was Gina’s recommendation. It was during a weekend when she called me and asked me if I have a free time. I had nothing to do so I walked to her house, which was just a couple of blocks away from mine.

She told me about this “do nothing” cake recipe and proceeded to make it in front of me while we were catching up. I really loved it which was why I asked the recipe from her. She led me to this recipe. I am sharing it with you in the next pages. Enjoy!


Quick Tip: Serve this with freshly brewed coffee, tea, or even your cold beverage.


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