Crunchy Corn Flake Cereal Bars – Dessert On The Go

Thankfully we had everything on this list in our house already except for the M&M’s. I’m sure that it would have given them a nice touch and a more exciting look but they tasted just fine without the extra garnish. I’ll be sure to get those in stock for next time though. No matter what kind of sweets you like, these are always a crowd pleaser. I have substituted a few different kinds of cereals and they always turn out great!

I have to hide these cereal bars from myself. just sayin.



1 pkg (18oz.) Pillsbury refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough
1 jar(s) (7oz.) Kraft marshmallow creme
1/2 c Jif creamy peanut butter
1 1/2 c toasted corn cereal
1/2 c M & Ms


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.Grease 13×9-inch pan.Remove dough from wrapper according to package directions.
Press dough into prepared baking pan.Bake 13 minutes.
Remove baking pan from oven.Drop teaspoonfuls of marshmallow creme and peanut butter over hot cookie base.
Bake 1 minute.Carefully spread marshmallow creme and peanut butter over cookie mixture.
Sprinkle cereal and m & ms over melted marshmallow creme and peanut butter mixture.
Bake 7 minutes.Cool completely on wire rack.Cut into 2-inch bars.


Quick Tip: Use whatever kind of cereal you have in the pantry.

thank you to YouTube for this great photo.


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