Country Ground Beef Casserole Brings Them To The Table!

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My childhood days used to be perfect because of this home-style ground beef casserole that my Mom used to make.

While most casseroles that my mom used to make for us were casserole recipes she got from my grandmother, some of them had been mere experiments. She put together everything in one casserole like literally dumped them all together, and then we have our casserole!

That’s how I came up with some of my casseroles actually. Our household is like a dump site for leftovers because there’s always plenty of them stuck on the fridge. But since we are not one to waste food, I always make sure we use them.

And casseroles are the answers to my leftover predicament.This homestyle ground beef casserole reminds of the days when I used to plop myself at one of the kitchen chairs just to watch my Mom dump all the ingredients in one pot and cook it.

I loved watching my mother cook because she looked so much like a boss in there, owning the kitchen. The kitchen was her territory and no one knew it like how much she knew it. This simple casserole often reminds me that the things in life that will make your loved ones happy do not need to be complicated or expensive.

Just like simple but tasty food. As long as you prepare it with the desire to please the ones who will eat it, it will surely taste great. It’s not just about the ingredients, it’s also about the reason behind the dish preparation.





Quick Tip: This can be assembled, frozen and defrosted overnight in the refrigerator.


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