Corn Chowder With A Touch Of Tex-Mex Flair

Serve Up A Bowl Of Piping Hot Happiness

I loved it when Aunt Carmen visited the same time that I did. I loved her cooking, I truly do, and it’s the reason why I always felt happy whenever I see her every time I visit my parents.

Other than that, I loved that Aunt Carmen has a youthful disposition. She was only a few years younger than Mom, which meant that she was actually old now too. But she still dressed as if she was middle-aged. She also always maintained her bob, making her look younger than she actually was. Aunt Carmen was the only aunt I could count on to watch fantasy movies with me. So when we caught each other at my parents’ house last time, I invited her to a Harry Potter movie marathon with me.

She knew the characters even though she hadn’t really read the book, and that alone was something “cool” for me. If I asked Mom who Harry was, she would tell me he was one of my childhood friends who had gone astray. So while I set up the movie, Aunt Carmen cooked us our “movie food” which happened to be chowder, the spicier version.

She toned down the heat for me because of my tolerance, but there was still that kick of spiciness that made my mouth burn. It was good burn though. Her chowder was creamy and was very tasty.

I didn’t even notice my bowl was empty until she pointed it out. This Tex-Mex chowder recipe reminded me of Aunt Carmen’s spicy chowder. Find out the secret to this tasty chowder by trying this recipe.


Quick Tip: For cutting back on fat and calories, try cooking some cauliflower and blending it smooth and then using that to replace some of the half n half and cheese.


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