Pour This Creamy Concoction On Top Of The Crust – And Prepare Yourself For A HEAVENLY Dessert

Cool Off With Roadside Root Beer Float Pie – It’s Charming!

When I was a young girl, my dream was to become a scientist. The reason was a bit superficial. I only wanted to be a scientist because I wanted to wear lab goggles and mix chemicals in a laboratory. When I grew a bit older, I wanted to be a doctor, simply because I wanted to be able to hold a stethoscope. I never even dreamed of becoming a professional writer.

Yes, I wanted to write, but it was more of a hobby; a cathartic way of expressing my feelings. I’ve been writing since I was seven, and it never even occurred to me that I wanted to be a storyteller for the rest of my life.

It was in senior high school when I realized that I was gearing towards that direction. I became a member of the school paper, writing stories and news that everyone in school had loved. And in college, I knew I found my calling. When I told my friends what I found out, they told me that I should do whatever floats my boat.

Because it’s my future. And decisions at the present would shape that future. I’m glad I did. Because it’s the reason why I feel so fulfilled right now even when it’s stressful sometimes. Go check out the recipe for this root beer float pie on the next page. I am sure you will feel satisfied and fulfilled with the creamy goodness it will give you. Enjoy this recipe and enjoy life’s rewards!


Quick Tip: For the pie to set better, add more pudding and freeze it overnight and let it thaw in the fridge the next day.


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