The Chewiest Chocolate Chip Cookies You’ll Ever Eat

Linda doesn’t bake. If you leave Linda in the kitchen for even five minutes, you would have to pray that she doesn’t end up burning your precious kitchen. She is a bit hopeless at it, maybe because she is a bit clumsy and she always ends up tripping or throwing a lot of an ingredient in a bowl, making it taste a hundred times saltier or sweeter than it should be. I have been a victim of her cake that tasted saltier than the Dead Sea, not that I have tasted the Dead Sea, bit you know what I mean.

However, she is not as terrible in the kitchen as she could be. The truth is, she has one recipe that she can do perfectly fine even with her eyes closed. Linda’s mother is known to bake the chewiest chocolate chip cookies. I think it’s a must-know for the members of the family.

She passed the recipes down to her daughters and sons and they should know how to bake the same cookies. Linda’s chocolate chip cookies are even better than her mother’ if you ask me. They melt in the mouth after you take that first soft bite.

It’s also her pride since it’s the only thing she can really make in the kitchen. I found a similar chocolate chip recipe that will drive you crazy with all of its chewy goodness. Flip over to the next page for it!

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Quick Tip: If you don’t want the crispness, substitute more butter for the shortening.


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