I May Still Live With My Mom, But This Cheeseburger Soup Recipe Made Me A Champion

cheeseburger soup

My sister and I had a cooking contest and naturally I am going to win because I’m making cheeseburger soup!

My aunt and uncle love to grill.  They have a tiny little one bedroom and one bathroom home with a patio that might fit just 10 people standing.  It is definitely not the biggest place I have seen.  If I lived there I would never host anyone because it is just so tiny and cramped.  But they love having people over.  They do not consider space a problem and instead pile people in their home and grill away.  My uncle makes some mad hamburgers, unlike any other I have tried.

On a particularly chilly day, I popped in their home randomly since I live just a block down from them.  As I walked in, I smelled this amazing burger scent and I could not believe that at noon on a Tuesday they were grilling.  Well, it turns out, they were not.  They had grilled way too much the previous day and had lots of cooked burger meat leftover.

What had they done?  They did not want to let it go to waste, so instead, they made it into a cheeseburger soup.  It was truly one of the best soups I have ever tried.  So perfectly creamy with all the cheese and chunky with the meat.




Quick Tip: If you don’t actually have leftover grilled meat, just cook it up on the stove before adding to the soup.


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