Cauliflower And Chicken Cheesy Casserole – A Meal Made For A King

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What is chicken cauliflower casserole?  An invention of a meal by my husband….the king of my castle.  

We were playing that usual game of ours where he takes out a bunch of ingredients and I make a dish with whatever he chose.  Spices are fair game and so are small things to season the food, but the majority of the dish needs to be made with whatever he pulls out of the fridge.  Now, sometimes this can get kind of crazy and we make a dish that is out of this world.  Other times it bombs, but one thing is for sure: every single time we play this game we have a blast.

The most recently event in this game involved chicken and cauliflower.  But I did not just want to bake or grill my chicken breast and then steam the cauliflower and be done.  I wanted to do a little more, make it a little bit more exciting…so I did.  I seasoned it all in one bowl, added a bit of milk and some cheese and put it all in a casserole dish.  From there, I let it marinade in that little mixture.  Then, I popped it in the oven and next thing you know, we had a really cool new dish!




Quick Tip: Top this with any type of cheese you’d like and let it melt for 5 minutes in the oven.


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