{caramel and chocolate} Texas Turtle Sheet Cake

My shoulders are often soggy with a friend’s tears. They say I’m a good listener, which is why I often have visitors even in the middle of the night. I’m really not. My mind often travels after the first fifteen minutes are up, and before I know it, I missed half of my friend’s story.

But they’re my friends. And friends will always be there for one another. So whatever parts that I missed, I make sure to compensate by offering a really warm hug to my friend. An embrace can work wonders. Sometimes, all one has to have is a hug from someone who cares and everything will be all right.

My friends and I have the same cause of melancholy sometimes—homesickness. We all came from different places and just happened to settle here. We’re far from what we used to call home. I think it’s one of the reasons why we all became instant friends.

Whenever one feels lonely about missing home, we just visit each other’s houses and try to cheer each other up by watching movies, baking, eating, or just plain talking. Most of the time, the best way to cheer one up is still food. We’ll cook something that we remember from our childhood, call our other friends, and have a makeshift get together. It truly helps!




Quick Tip: Nothing smells quite as bad as scorched cocoa and butter. Stirring constantly will keep the heat evenly distributed.


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