Grandma Shared Her Famous Brown gravy Meatloaf Recipe With Us And We Couldn’t Be Happier

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I have many meatloaf recipes tucked away in my recipe box but this one is the best.

Brown gravy Meatloaf is one of those meals that you can eat time and time again and never grow weary of it. I love how easily this entree comes together. If you can mix a bunch of savory ingredients together in a bowl you can certainly make this delicious brown gravy meatloaf. Plus, once you get it into the oven you get to bask in the delicious scent of it cooking for a few hours. Talk about making your mouth water!

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Quick Tip: You know what goes great with brown gravy meatloaf? Apple pie!



It has to be for the gravy. I would mix up the meatloaf and if needed some moisture I would add a little of the beef broth but certainly not 2 cups.

I just made it snd yes. It’s the right amount. The bread crumbs soaked it right up. I added a little more bread crumbs because it was still a bit mushy.

I highly doubt that, and 375 seems like to high of a temp. To cook for 1 1/5 hours. I think it will burn and get to dried out. I also cook at 350 for an hour. Mine is always fully cooked and still juicy. That’s just my opinion.

I would strain it into fat separater like you do for making tufkey gravy at Thanksgiving. Or chill the drippings and skim the fat off after it rises to the top.

This meatloaf looks different from most others I’ve seen. I think in would add crushed tomatoes instead of using Ketchup since I hate the taste of Ketchup. And skip the meatloaf drippings since they would be a bit fatty. Other than that, the flavour profiles look interesting.

I use a 1/2 can of mushroom soup after mine has baked about 45 in. Then return it to bake about 15. min. more. It kind of makes it’s own gravy. It helps to spoon most of the grease out first, if it is too greasy. I make about 1/2 of this recipe (or one close to it) using one lb of low fat hamburger. Or I forget gravy and make baked potatoes, and just cover loaf. with a small can of tomato sauce as my Mother used to do. I don’t add celery or cheese either, and use torn bread from bread slices, slightly dampened in water, and use 1/2 cup milk.

Made it just as instructed. Did not care for the taste and it did not hold together very well. Seems like the simpler meatloaf recipes are always better.

It seems as if everyone has their own way of making meat loaf. I suggest that you try this one before you put it down. A change is as good as the rest.

Every time someone puts a recipe on here, seems like every comment is negative, how they would change it and why theirs would be better. If you like your recipe, just do your recipe and let let whoever wants to try the one that is posted try it without all the negative comments. Just my opinion, everyone has one!!

I made this meatloaf yesterday for guests who love meatloaf but can’t make it.My husband isn’t a meatloaf fan but LOVED this meatloaf! I used 3# 96% lean ground beef, (3) eggs (,1 ) cup catsup, herbed dried dressing croutons and kneaded, kneaded, kneaded!

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