Plate After Plate Of Broccoli Rice Casserole Is Typical In My House

7 easy comfort food recipes broccoli rice casserole

Mom Knows Best When It Comes To Comfort Food For Her Kids Like This Broccoli Rice Casserole

I am always in the mood for a delicious casserole, especially one with a Southern flair that my mom makes. Now, let me clarify, my family is northerners but we LOVE southern cuisine. My mom made broccoli rice casserole with lots of cheese pretty much my whole childhood. It was the only way she could get my little brother to eat “green trees”. Yes, that is he called broccoli florets. Such a funny little guy he was!

Anyway, I’d like to give lots of love to the Melady Cooks blog for this awesome recipe. it reminds me so much of the way my mom used to make her broccoli rice casserole. Thanks, Audrey!

Anyway, I bet you are biting at the bit to get your hands on this delicious recipe, yes? Well, wait no more, my friend. Simply flip over to the next page for a complete list of ingredients and instructions. Enjoy!

Thank you, Melady Cooks, for this great recipe.




Quick Tip: Feel free to use more or less Ritz crackers depending on your personal preference.


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I cook mine in one pot at one time. I salute the onions in a large sauce pan, then add 4 cups of water and broccoli. I then bring that to a boil and add 2 cups rice. When that comes to a boil, I cover and cut it down to low for 30 minutes. I then pour everything else into it to mix it. After all the cheese is melted. I pour it in a casserole dish. Using one pot is the way to go!

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