Break Out The Brewsky For This Bodacious Beer Bread Recipe

My family loves it whenever we visit my parents. My husband is every vocal when it comes to my mom’s cooking. He said he will absolutely say yes if my parents will ask us to live with them just so he can eat my mother’s cooking every day, which, he says, is better than me. I know he’s joking when it comes to the “live with them” part, but I am also sure he’s serious with regards to the “your mom’s cooking is better than yours”.

I don’t begrudge him about that though. I admit it! My mother’s cooking is probably the best in the world. I am a bit biased, but aren’t we all when it comes to our mothers’ cooking?

We spent a week in my parents house after Christmas to celebrate the coming New year with them. Since it’s colder in my hometown more than where I live with my current family, we mostly had stew and soups. It didn’t matter.

My family loved soups and stews because they’re tasty and easier to make than most meals that require a lot of time and effort in the kitchen. However, what made the meals at my mom’s more special was the homemade bread.

Mom’s homemade breads are absolutely delicious and they never fail to put a smile to everyone’s faces. And they taste so good with soup and stews. This similar beer bread recipe that I will share with you is so good you could even eat them without anything!


Photo courtesy of Today’s Creative Life. Recipe courtesy of Recipe Lion.


Quick Tip: Try and not over-stir the batter.


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