My Children Had A Luxuriously Indulgent Morning With These Blueberry Banana Muffins

blueberry banana muffins

Kids across the globe give three cheers for homemade blueberry banana muffins!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of blueberry muffins. This recipe calls for the mixing of bananas and blueberries. Now, much like the recipe author from the Melady Cooks food blog, I prefer single muffins. No, I don’t mean muffins that haven’t yet swiped right on Tinder. I am referring to muffin batters that only contain one fruit. However, these delicious blueberry banana muffins are the exception.

I baked up a big ‘ol batch of these blueberry banana muffins and took a dozen or so over to my husband’s shop. He loves it when I bring he and his co-workers’ homemade treats. The blueberry banana muffins were a hit.

Are you super stoked to get this wonderful recipe in your possession? Great! I’ll end your waiting by guiding you over to the next page (just click the link below). Once there, you’ll have all the details on how to make this amazing dish. Happy cooking!

Recipe and image courtesy of Melady Cooks.





Quick Tip: This recipe is very easy to double. I find that these blueberry banana muffins freeze well, too.


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This sounded so delicious that I had to try them. My husband loved them. With us being diabetic I cut the sugar to about 1/8 of a cup. The sweetness of the Berries took the place and they turned out great. Looking forward to trying more recipes

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