Better Than Brazil’s Beef Empanadas

5 best ground beef recipes beef empanadas

So Tasty, You’ll Want To Eat These Two At A Time (And Then Go For Seconds!)

After my husband and I got married, it was only a short time before we found out that we were having twins. To say the least, we were over the moon excited. Two little babies to hug and love and cuddle. It was going to be great. And it was amazing! Busy at times, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. After they started eating with us, it seemed like everything I made turned into a huge mess. Unless they were eating french fries and chicken nuggets, they were wearing their dinner.

So, I started thinking of how I could get them yummy food without all the mess. The idea came to pack all the ingredients I was making into a pocket.

It was kind of a like a taco, but packed full of flavors that my husband and I would enjoy too. I couldn’t wait to make them. I picked up the ingredients I didn’t have at the supermarket that very week and made them over the weekend.

They took a little work putting together, but it was so worth it in the end. The flavor was incredible, and the mess was minimal.


Quick Tip: Use chicken or pork instead of beef.


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