The Best Of Both Worlds: Two Roasts In One!

Who would have ever thought that the cow and pig would become tasty friends?

Usually, in our haste to accomplish something, we tend to do things accidentally. My Mom used to be like that in the kitchen.

She always tended to panic most especially if there were visitors and the meat, for example, wasn’t tender yet. Whenever that happened, Mom always ended up making a mistake (either she would add something she shouldn’t or she would use a method that shouldn’t have been used), which, with some stroke of kitchen luck always resulted in something really good.

One of these experiments was a pork and beef dish. She was supposed to cook two different courses; one course would use pork (the roast) and the other would use beef (some sort of stew). My Dad sort of distracted her by appearing in the kitchen and telling her to hurry up because the visitors would arrive in an hour.

Their flight had arrived earlier than it was supposed to so they’re on their way to their house. Mom panicked and I witnessed her put everything in one pot, asking me to hand her one seasoning to another. It was too late when she realized that she had combined two dishes into one.

Well, the guests loved it. Since then, it had become one of our favorite Mom Dishes. This pork and beef roast reminded me of that kitchen faux pas.


Quick Tip: You can use any type of meat for this recipe.


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