6 Ways To Make Mouth Watering Chicken

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[WARNING] These Recipes Are Highly Addictive

For me, it’s really easy to name my favorite cooking ingredient. It’s chicken, of course – I just feel like it’s one of the most versatile foods ever! Whether you want to make a nice soup or a casserole, chicken will do the trick. I thought the ones I had were the best chicken recipes in the whole world – and I do admit they were super delicious.

But sometimes you get a little bored of the traditional chicken comfort foods. There’s nothing wrong with a creamy chicken and rice casserole, but you know how it is… When you’re making the same thing for the third time in two weeks, it gets a little old! So I’ve made it my mission to cook all kinds of chicken recipes lately.

I have come across such delicious ones that it is practically impossible to name just one favorite! That’s why I put together six of my favorite ones at the moment (I’m saying “at the moment” because I keep finding more, every day!)

What is your favorite among these six tasty chicken recipes? Perhaps you’ve even tried some of these already? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!


Quick tip: Stock up on chicken when it’s on sale, and freeze for later!


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It would be so nice if you would give a name for the recipes that you put out. They are always delicious but what do you call them? I read and read every word that you print about the clap trap that you print to try to figure what to call these recipes but to no avail! Why do you do this?

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