Begging For Breakfast Dogs!

My son, when he was younger, was the pickiest eater that I had ever met. I didn’t understand it at all. Even when he was a baby, I did the “make him try it several times” things to see if he would get used to any foods and it didn’t work. He basically ate cereal, fruit, and chicken nuggets, and peanut butter and jelly. Anything outside of those four items, he wasn’t really interested in. When he was around five years old, we decided that we were going to go camping. Of course, my husband and I were going to grill up some hot dogs.

I don’t know if he was just excited about being where we were or what, but he decided at that time he was going to try new foods. He loved the hot dog! Alright…as a mother I thought, where can I take this. The next time we went out to eat, I ordered him corndogs.

Another victory! Then, when I saw these breakfast corndogs on Recipe Lion, I figured I would give them a shot at home. He loved these too! I’m so glad we took that camping trip.

It was not only a nice relaxing time, it helped my son to learn that there are other foods out there worth trying!

Recipe courtesy of Recipe Lion. Photo credits to Women’s Daily.


Quick Tip: Serve with warm maple syrup for dipping.


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