Be The Hostess With The Mostest With These Sausage And Cheese Squares

Whenever we are entertaining guests, I feel the responsibility to make sure that they not only have a good time, but also that they have a good meal. Usually we have the same friends over pretty regularly, and I like to try out different appetizers on them.

When I came across this recipe for Southern-style sausage and cheese squares, I knew it was going to be my next experiment. They looked really good, and the recipe seemed fairly easy. Besides that, who doesn’t like sausage and cheese?

The following weekend we were going to be hosting a small gathering so I knew it was my chance. Our closest friends brought their young children with them to play with our kids so that’s who I tried these little squares out on first.

They ate the whole plate! I had to go back to the kitchen and make a new pan for the adults. It’s a good think I bought extra ingredients. After a quick prep I just popped them in the oven and they were done in no time.

The adults loved them just as much as the kids. I can see these being a new rotation menu item in our dinner parties and other events.

Recipe courtesy of Recipe Lion. Photo credits go to Frozen Pizza, Again?


Quick Tip: Make ahead of time and freeze. Warm up in 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees.



I’m confused by the directions. They say to mix the meat, cheese, etc into the biscuit batter., pour into the baking dish and bake. Does it really separate to look like the picture, or is that the wrong picture for the final dish? Thanks….Jill

I didn’t make this one, but I’d guess it probably does – like a lot of Bisquick Recipes for “impossible pies” they do form pretty much that way. And as a rule, are very good.. Easy too.

Pour batter over the meat, chz etc. You know, like all the Bisquick impossible pie recipes? Hope this helps.

U can try it the way the instructions say or I would take 1/2 of biscuit dough batter place in greased dish add on top of this the beef & cheese mixture then top with remaining batter.I bake alot & cook 2 different ways of cooking.BAKING is when placing something in the oven to bake such as cakes,pies,casseroles etc.COOKING means placing on top of the oven like cooking soup/canned corn etc.I hope this helps.I just don’t think she meant to place the meat & cheese mixture to be mixed with the biscuit dough that might have been wrongly entered.

I don’t entirely agree with your distinction between baking and cooking. Cooking stove top or in the oven (dry heat) is only one aspect. Generally, chefs make the primary distinction of how ingredients are used. In cooking, measurements are not necessarily specific in quantity and you can modify ingredients to your taste. Baking requires very specific measurements and while you can substitute and modify ingredients, it is more difficult to get a good result. Cooking a roast in a dutch oven is not baking, it’s cooking. Making a cake or pastry is baking.

I have made their impossible pie recipes for years and yes the biscuit will rise and bake beautifully. Follow the directions, if you are not happy then change it to suit you.

There is another recipe using Bisquick, an egg pie. The Bisquick settles to the bottom and forms a crust. It’ll probably work with this, although, with the crust on top,

Holy smashed assholes people! Pre-mixing or covering the dry with the wet won’t make a hill of beans difference… if I never cooked a day in my life, and after reading all of these comments… I’d NEVER enter a kitchen let alone want to try Cooking!!!
Jill you can try it any way you want… I guarantee as long as you have all the ingredients in that 9×13 and bake it as shown for app the time as shown (just keep an eye on it) it’s gonna be Yummy . I’ve made this recipe loads of times… and not only for a party munchies but as a meal.. eaten with sausage gravy to drizzle over and a side salad ? good Luck!!

I made this today for breakfast at church. It did NOT make a bottom or top crust at ALL. It was wonderful as far as the flavor goes, but it looked absolutely nothing like this photo. This photo looks exactly like a photo I saw earlier with a recipe that was called Sausage Cheese Crescents, using crescent roll dough as a bottom and top crust. I also do not see any red pimento or green chili in the photo above. Mine looked more like an omelet as far as color (yellow from the eggs) with tons of specks of green chili and red pimento showing in the yellow egg base. I WILL make it again, though. The recipe is delicious but certainly does not make a crust like this.

I have almost the same recipe. Use cooked scrambled sausage and no tobasco. It all gets mixd and pored in my casserole dish. It looks like the picture. So, yes, I think you can mix it all together.

It very well could look like this after it’s baked because of the eggs and sausage etc. My guess is yes, it will look like that. I’ve made pudding cakes that you mix together and the pudding ends up on the bottom and the cake on top. Who could guess? But it does. So, heck, try it and I bet it will look like that?

Definitely not the right pic but can be if you pour batter first thrn layer the meat and cheese mix them pour remaning batter. Good luck

Make Ur own here’s how:1/4C.flour is 1 biscuit so with this being said I would say use 2C.flour preferrably Bread flour.1/tsp. per 1/4C.flour so Add 2 tsp.baking powder,now you can add any seasonings such as Garlic Powder,Italian seasoning,Cinnamon for sweet biscuits just sprinkle in to your taste.Or 1/8tsp.per 1/4C.flour.Add 1/2 Tablespoon of Lemon Juice this is what leavens the dough & makes it rise more.You can add dabs of could butter but it really isn’t necessary about 1/2tsp.per cup of flour,very cold butter.Now here’s the tricky part you can add milk or water I figure an 1/8C.per 1/4C.flour.The reason I say this is the tricky part is b/c of where you live & if it’s hot in your home.I have this down to perfection b/c I would follw recipes & I live by myself so I was throwing away alot of biscuits.Tried & true I swear by it.Also any time making biscuits or anything that calls for Baking Powder/Soda to leaven the dough for height always add an acid such as Lemon,Lime or Orange juice or even white vinegar any type of vinegar.

Pioneer Biscuit Mix is what I always use. Bisquick always seems too salty for me. I have used this for everything for decades. Love it. Also, cobbler recipe where the fruit and batter are poured on top of each other and come out with batter on top.

Yes it would! I posted a comment a little while ago before I saw your question. I use puff pastry for the top layer and the Pillsbury dough sheet for the bottom (which is also good for homemade pizza). I don’t like Bisquick for this kind of recipe at all. Don’t use puff pastry for the bottom though, it doesn’t hold up well to moisture.

I’ve got a similar, but better, and easier, recipe:
Brown and drain 1 lb sausage
Mix in 8 oz cream cheese (until melted) and one 4 oz can chopped green chilies.
In a greased 9×13 pan, roll out can of crescent rolls, making sure to turn up edges around the sides. Spread sausage mixture over the dough. Take a second can of crescent rolls and roll out and place over the mixture. Seal the edges. Bake according to roll directions. May need to cover with foil during some of the cooking time. Bake until golden brown. Slice into squares and ENJOY!

im no cook!! ?‍? haha
so brown the sausage in the cream cheese then drain or brown, drain, then add in cheese til melted????? thanks alot Suzanne!! have a wonderful thanksgiving!!

Use 2 cans crescent rolls. Cook meat. Mix in other ingredients. Roll out cans of crescent rolls and press seams closed on both cans using a sheet of parchment paper for each. One will be on the baking sheet. Spread meat/cheese filling across the top. Using the parchment paper to help, gently lay the other layer of crescent roll dough on top. Seal the edges with a fork. Bake per the crescent roll instructions, checking halfway through (greasy meats will cook breads quicker from the inside while the over works on the outside.) This is a combination the Three Wise Men Pie recipe and this one…….in case you wanted it flakier and more pastry like.

I have a question. The recipe calls for six cups of cheese – it sounds like an awful lot – have anyone used the full six cups???? I am reluctant to try it because of that. Don’t get me wrong, I love cheese but it seems like a lot ???

I can appreciate the person with the scratch biscuit recipe but it kinda defeats the purpose of quick and easy.

Hi, just read your comment! I get what you’re saying but usually homemade bisquick recipes are done ahea different time and in bulk! So it’s still as quick as out if the box in that sense. I use mine for pancakes and biscuits, etc!

I’m sorry but this recipe was a complete fail. Bisquick, which has a specific taste that I can detect in anything it’s used to make, doesn’t work in this recipe. I use Bisquick often but for recipes like this I use either puff pastry sheets or the Pillsbury dough sheets that are used for homemade pizza often. Our favorite recipe similar to this uses the same filling ingredients plus a light layer of drained sauerkraut. I use the Pillsbury dough sheet for the bottom and a puff pastry sheet for the top. It’s awesome.

If you go to Aunt Bee’s web site (where the receipe comes from) the picture is very different, shows that it’s been mixed with the Bisquick.

the picture for this recipe is dinner rolls/hawaiian dinner rolls cut in half with the meat and cheese combo.. if you mix bisquick mix with all the other ingredients you will get a big old sausage ball that you will pat out in the pan and after it’s baked you cut it .. but the sausage and cheese will be baked into the bisquick .. not in the middle like this picture shows.

I agree with Angela and Valerie, this does look exactly like the recipe using hawaiian rolls which is for the breakfast sliders. I have not made it but enjoyed some of it at work when everyone brought a dish for our Christmas breakfast.

I’m wondering too about the crust….it looks more like a puff pastry than bisquick !! I used to use it and I never had a crust like this….so I too was wondering if the wrong picture was posted 🙂 Either that or you have a great oven then…..but willing to give it a try, it sounds good and would be good Christmas Morning…and could probably mix the night before and bake in the morning ….has anyone tried this yet ?

You are absolutely correct. The picture is NOT bisquick. I think it’s phyllo dough (puff pastry)
Bisquick is thick and looks like, well a biscuit. I’m going to use Hawaiian rolls!

How do I get the recipes? Every time, I try to get the recipe, I get sent to a bunch of spam questions. I would love to try out your recipes. Please give me the correct link? Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sounds great. I’m making it this weekend. Sorry people have to critique. I say try it. If you are a cook you will make changes. If not it will turn out fine. Thanks for this one.

I am almost 60 years old and know my way around the kitchen. Recipe very confusing and only 1/2 pound sausage and 6 cups cheese?????? Recipe doesn’t make sense. Picture looks good but recipe a joke.

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