Baked Macaroni And Cheese With A Jalapeno And Tabasco Sauce Twist

Hot and spicy mac and cheese is the BOMB!

Macaroni and cheese isn’t a new concept, by far. However, getting creative with this classic dish and adding in different seasonings totally is. Today, we will be upping the heat factor with this delightful jalapeno macaroni casserole. The thing about this yummy mac and cheese is that it isn’t too terribly spicy that the kids won’t eat it. There is enough heat to pack a small punch of flavor but you can control how much of the hot stuff you want to incorporate into your casserole.

My brood all likes hot stuff, especially my boys. In fact, they make a contest out of any situation that requires them to eat hot peppers or hot sauce. The pair of them have eaten the jalapenos straight out of this casserole before and laughed until they could laugh no more.

I guess it’s a boy thing haha. Anyway, my husband enjoys this version of mac and cheese, too. he often scoops out a serving into a Tupperware container so that he can take it to work for his lunch the following day. It’s even better the second time around 🙂




Quick Tip: I like to add a few extra splashed of Tobasco sauce to my mac and cheese as a fiery condiment.


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