An Autumn Treat: Fig And Fruit Cake

My quirks in life can only be handled by chosen people.

These chosen people include my parents, my husband, my closest cousins, and my closest friends. If you’re a new friend or a new acquaintance, you might probably find me weird and unpredictable. I have a lot of oddities in life that you probably won’t be able to easily accept, and one of them is about food. My cravings are a bit difficult to understand, and my husband is probably my number one “victim”.

I usually crave for food that’s not in season. Most of the time, I can handle the craving of course. But there are just times when you want to have it even though it seems impossible for you to actually get it.

A few days ago, I was craving for something autumn-y. I know it’s just the beginning of spring, but my mouth was craving for something “less fresh”. I have baked a lot of spring desserts these past few days, and I just wanted something different.

I found a can of figs in the pantry and immediately searched for a recipe that will make me use figs. Fortunately, I immediately found one at Cooks Without Borders. This fig cake was as awesome as its name.

You will not forget that first taste of autumn in your mouth. So even if it’s spring, I took the fall, if you know what I mean.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Cooks Without Borders.




Quick Tip: You can try this recipe using other fruits that are in season.


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