Butter Up A Slice Of This Homemade Bread And You’ll Know Why It’s All The Rage Right Now

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Country Style, Old-Fashioned Bread Your Whole Family Will Love

In the beginning of this year I made myself a promise. I decided to try and bake all the bread for my family myself, just like my mother and my grandmother did when I was little. Food is expensive these days, and I also wanted to make sure I would always have fresh bread made of ingredients I trusted. So I came up with a plan, similar to my mother’s – she used to bake a large batch of different kinds of breads once a week.

Well, we are a smaller family so I decided twice a month would be alright for us. I bake all kinds of bread; loaves, dinner rolls, dark bread, and then I freeze them so that we have plenty for the next two weeks and I don’t have to buy any from the store.

My family has been really happy about it! And I have come up with new bread recipes that are so delicious, I could never find a store-bought bread as tasty. This is one of my favorites – it’s incredibly easy, made with very basic ingredients that I always have in the pantry. So if we happen to run out of bread before my next baking day, I can quickly make this bread instead of running to the store!


Quick Tip: This recipe makes 2 loaves.


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